The dimensions in which everything occurs are space and time


There are many places to think about creativity.
The place where we design at Mirinda Company is a forest,literally and figuratively.
On the one hand, a real forest that gives us the silence necessary to connect with the uniqueness of our work, and on the other a figurative forest, the studio where we endlessly experiment with ideas of different kinds and tonalities that allow us to adapt to all sorts of projects.


At Mirinda Company we work from our intuition, passion, patience and the mutual understanding of the impressions of the brand, which accompany us throughout the creative process and drive us to offer you an original, effective, timeless and sincere image with which you identify.


More than 50 national and international awards including most notably three awards in the Red Dot international festival of graphic design in Essen.
Germany, 2 FAB awards; London, 4 Gold Best Pack; Spain, 10 Bronze Laus; 9 silver Laus trophies, 3 gold Laus trophies; and a design award nomination for the Federal Republic of Germany.


Work published

Comunications Arts Design
Typographics Three Global Vision
Luzer’s Archive magazine
Best European Design & Art Direction
Red Dot awards
International Yearbook Comunnications Arts Design
Novum Magazine Comunications Arts Design
Art Directors Club of Europe
El País newspaper
Visual magazine
Brand and Branding, Monsa Ed.
Pack! Monsa Ed.
Nice To Meet You Too, Victionary
Laus Awards book